Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg

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Important requirements

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    If cookies are not enabled, you will always be redirected to the main application index page when attempting to login.
  • Your browser MUST support JavaScript and JavaScript MUST be enabled.
Warning: please do not create bookmarks referring the login page, as this can cause errors.

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Supported browsers

You can log in to the online services with the current release of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

Additional restrictions regarding the version of the compatible browsers may exist depending on the application you want to access.

Case sensitive

Please note that your password is case sensitive, e.g. PASsword is not the same as PASSWORD.
Check the state of the caps lock/shift lock key on your keyboard.

Connecting with a LuxTrust product

To use a LuxTrust product - Smartcard, Luxemburgish id-card, Signing Stick or Signing server certificates (Token) - you must first configure the computer to be used. See below.
With the commencement of the law of the 19th of June 2013 regarding the identification of physical persons (loi du 19 juin 2013 relative à l'identification des personnes physiques, http://www.legilux.public.lu/leg/a/archives/2013/0107/2013A1582A.html ), connection to the online services of the Sate of Luxembourg is possible with your Luxembourgish id-card if you opted for the activation of the certificates in your request for the id-card.
To use your id-card you need a contactless reader and the PIN of your card.
Readers can be bought at the Centre des Technologies de l'Information de l'Etat (11 rue Notre-Dame, L-2240 Luxembourg) and at several communes.
  1. Activating your certificate
    If you have just received mail from LuxTrust containing your access codes and the product, you need to activate your certificate.
    To do this, make sure you have your access codes nearby (LuxTrust letter), click on http://activate.luxtrust.lu and follow the instructions.
  2. Downloading and installing the LuxTrust software
    The software required for the LuxTrust SmartCard or USB Signing-stick products to work (called "Gemalto/LuxTrust middleware") must be installed on the computer you are using.
    To do this, click the following link: http://drivers.luxtrust.lu and download the middleware that matches the LuxTrust product you are using and the Windows version running on your computer. Install the software.
    Note: You don't have to install this software if you're using a Token.

Note: Using a proxy may prevent a login with a LuxTrust product. The message "No certificate was sent by your browser" will be displayed in that case.
Note: Restrictions on the usable LuxTrust product type may exist depending on the application you want to access.

Connecting with a LuxTrust product via the Orely solution

The connection is done through the LuxTrust authentication service.
  • With a Smartcard or a Luxembourgish identity card (eID) or a USB stick (Signing stick)
    Make sure that the reader/stick is properly connected to the computer.
    Important notice: your operating system will need a few seconds in order to recognize your Smartcard after you insert it in the card reader.
    Click on the corresponding image. Please select your certificate in the new specific screen.
    Enter your PIN code and click on the "Authenticate" button.
  • With a Signing server Certificate (Token)
    Click on the corresponding image. A new specific screen will be displayed.
    Enter your LuxTrust ID and password.
    Click on the token's button to make it generate an OTP (a code it will display).
    Enter the code in the associated field.
    Click on the "Authenticate" button.
Important notice: you can use the same user name / product to log in to multiple applications. You don't have to ask for a different user name for each application you are using.

The following are the main error messages you are likely to see:

  • Please provide your user name.
    Please provide your empty password.
    Please enter your old password
    Please enter your firstname.
    Please enter your lastname.
    Please provide a non empty email address.
    Please enter your Social Security Number.
    Please enter the email address you gave during registration
    These messages appear because you did not fill all mandatory fields on the page. Please correct your input.
  • Invalid user name or password. Please retry.
    Your user name or password is incorrect. Please correct your input, and check the status of your caps lock key (passwords are case sensitive).
  • Your account has been temporarily locked out due to too many failed login attempts. Please retry later.
    You have tried to log in to the system using a wrong password too many times.
    For security reasons, your account has been temporarily disabled. You must wait a few minutes before trying to log in again.
    Please check the status of your caps lock key (passwords are case sensitive).
  • Your account has been locked or has expired. Please contact the helpdesk.
    You tried to log in to the system with a user name that has been deactivated for security reasons.
    Please contact the site administrator for further explanations.
  • Your password has expired. Please choose another one.
    For security reasons, your password is valid for a limited period of time only. This period has now expired, and you must choose another password. Please follow the procedure described above.